Jay Reatard's Angry Angles Get Retrospective Compilation

Jay Reatard's Angry Angles Get Retrospective Compilation
Late garage punk master Jay Reatard was plenty prolific in his 29 years on earth, meaning he left behind a number of projects to be reissued. Up next on the docket is his short-lived Angry Angles.

The group was formed in 2005 between Reatard and his then partner Alix Brown. In their brief time together, their lineup also included Ryan Rousseau (now of Destruction Unit).

Though they released singles along the way, the group never got around to releasing their full-length album before disbanding. That means they left behind a decent chunk of unreleased material.

Goner will issue a compilation simply called Angry Angles on May 20. The release features plenty of unreleased material, including covers of the Oblivians' "Memphis Creep," Wire's "The 15th," Devo's "Blockhead" and the Urinals' "Black Hole."

Check out the album's full tracklisting below, where you'll also find a stream of the album's previously unreleased "Things Are Moving."

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Angry Angles:

1. Things Are Moving (Unreleased Version)
2. Apparent-Transparent
3. You Fell In
4. The 15th
5. Crowds
6. She's Dead
7. Blockhead
8. In My Room
9. Memphis Creep
10. Things Are Moving (Single Version)
11. Black Hole
12. Stab You Dead
13. You Call It Love
14. You Lied
15. Can't Do It Anymore
16. All The Same
17. Set In Stone