Goner Reissues the Reatards' 'Grown Up, Fucked Up'

Goner Reissues the Reatards' 'Grown Up, Fucked Up'
Fallen garage punk icon Jay Reatard lives on through his catalogue, which continues to hold its own as an impressive body of work. Plenty of his material has been reissued of late, and now his raucous teen punk band the Reatards are next on the docket.

The Reatards' fantastic sophomore album Grown Up, Fucked Up was originally issued in 1999. Now out of print, it's fetching a decent amount of cash on Discogs but less financially motivated fans will soon be able to pay standard prices with a proper repress.

The album initially arrived via Empty Records, but it's being reissued courtesy of Goner on August 7.

In a press release, the label stated that they "wanted to make sure they stayed true to Jay's aesthetic with the repress, so they didn't mess with it much." Grown Up, Fucked Up was remastered from the original DAT recordings, with Jason Ward mastering it for vinyl and Doug Easley handling the master for digital. Aside from the new mix, the LP has been expanded to include the "Your So Lewd" single.

Further, it was pressed at Memphis Record Pressing. The label notes that Jay Reatard would've been so happy to know how much his hometown of Memphis was being represented in the process.

"Like everything Jay did, he did it his way," Goner adds of the LP. "His recordings hold up because they are completely unique. He created a scene full of imitations, but no one duplicated him."

Jay Reatard died in 2010 of cocaine toxicity at the age of 29.