Jay Arner "Like a Dracula"

Jay Arner 'Like a Dracula'
Vancouver's Jay Arner recently announced plans to deliver his sophomore solo LP Jay II later this year, and Exclaim! is giving you a preview of what's to come with the premiere of a new track titled "Like a Dracula."
The nine-song offering was recorded and mixed "with minimal fuss" over the course of a month alongside Arner's Energy Slime counterpart Jessica Delisle. It promises a new batch of songs that draw heavily on synth-pop and glam-rock influences, stirring up a concoction of slinky grooves and soaring hooks.
We've already got a glimpse into the future release thanks to previous single "Crystal Ball," but now Arner's ready to flesh out the album a bit with "Like a Dracula." It's a hypnotizing wave of synths, shimmering guitars and crystalline croons — and despite the name, "Like a Dracula" definitely doesn't suck.

In statement, Arner had this to say about the song:

Go to enough shows in one city and you start to feel like you're seeing the same ones over and over. There's this one kind of show: dudes in bands, dudes in audience, everybody's rockin'. There's nothing inherently wrong with men enjoying music but sometimes the experience makes me feel like an alien.

This song is also about feeling excited to go out and see your friends, before you start thinking about anything else too much.

Jay II is due out on June 17 through Mint Records. Listen to "Like a Dracula" right now in the player below.