Jack White Sings Stan Rogers's "Barrett's Privateers" on 'Colbert'

He also played "If I Die Tomorrow" from new album 'Entering Heaven Alive'

Photo: Paige Sara

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jul 22, 2022

Ahead of releasing new album Entering Heaven Alive today, Jack White hit up Stephen Colbert's Late Show stage last night (July 21) to perform "If I Die Tomorrow" from the record — as well as an improvised singalong of Stan Rogers's "Barrett's Privateers."

Teaming up for a game called "Maybe Dropping Soon," the blue-haired baseball fan and the TV host shuffled through a bunch of pretend-collaborative albums for the yucks, eventually coming around to fake album Yo Ho Ho and a Basket of Shrimp: Plus 39 Other Unauthorized Jingles for Long John Silver.

The pair, primed for sea-faring, simultaneously realized they're both fans of "Barrett's Privateers," leading to an impromptu singalong of the Rogers classic. Planned or not, the song seems to genuinely pique the interest of the audience, who decided to aid the pair with a hearty clap-along.

Watch White and Colbert sing through a verse of "Privateers" around the four-minute mark in the video below, and scroll down for White's live rendition of "If I Die Tomorrow."

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