Watch Jack White Hit a Home Run in Sandlot Baseball Game

Going, going, gone!
Watch Jack White Hit a Home Run in Sandlot Baseball Game
Photo via @officialjackwhite on Instagram
Jack White absolutely loves baseball. Whether performing the national anthem, sitting in the stands with Kendrick Lamar or having his bat inducted into the Hall of Fame, he can often be found hanging around a diamond. Evidently, he's picked up some skills along the way, since he hit a home run yesterday (May 26).

White plays on the Warstic Woodmen, a team associated with his baseball bat company Warstic. Yesterday, the team was at Austin, TX-area baseball diamond the Long Time, where they played against the Texas Playboys.

Video shows White, who swings his bat left-handed, cracking a no-doubt-about-it opposite-field home run against pitcher Jack Sanders. Evidently, the opposing players were quite excited to give up a homer to a rock star — both Sanders and the catcher threw up their arms in celebration when the ball left White's bat.

Watch footage of the homer below.

Since White loves baseball so much, maybe he should join the ever-growing list of musicians to throw out a first pitch?