​Ja Rule Responds to Netflix and Hulu Fyre Fest Documentaries

"I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!"
​Ja Rule Responds to Netflix and Hulu Fyre Fest Documentaries
This weekend, plenty of people hid from winter weather by watching rich kids' luxurious tropical dreams fizzle out in the new documentaries about Fyre Fest on Netflix and Hulu. Now, Fyre Festival co-founder Ja Rule has responded to the pair of films, as well as criticism about his involvement with the affair.
The rapper initially co-created the event with entrepreneur-turned-professional-scammer Billy McFarland, promising an island party filled with models, gourmet food and luxury accommodations — but delivering tattered hurricane tents, wet mattresses and the saddest sandwiches of all time.

With two new docs delving into the sordid details, Ja has once again took to Twitter to defend his intentions and insist that not all sides of the story were represented.
The rapper criticized Hulu for allegedly paying McFarland for involvement in its film, as well as Netflix for allegedly paying Fuck Jerry Media, the company that originally marketed Fyre Fest.
Ja also specifically addressed the widespread sympathy felt for a Bahamian woman featured in the Netflix documentary, who was responsible for catering and claims she lost thousands of dollars in her own savings trying to pay her staff — though he didn't have high praise for the food that was served.

As for his own financial losses from the festival, Ja Rule admitted that he didn't make any money from it, but did lose plenty.
At least he seems to have a sense of humour about the whole debacle, referring to himself as "on Fyre."
As previously reported, McFarland was recently sentenced to six years in prison for multiple counts of fraud related to Fyre Fest.
Last year, two festival attendees were awarded $5 million USD in damages as a result of their disastrous experiences.