It's Time to Declare a Loser in the Drake/Kendrick Feud

Nobody wins, but Drake officially loses with "The Heart Part 6"

Photos: The ComeUp Show (Left), Kamara Morozuk (Right)

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 6, 2024

There aren't any winners in a feud like the one between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, which has gone way beyond mere name-calling to involve children, romantic partners, and accusations of domestic abuse and pedophilia. There definitely is a loser, however, and it's Drake, who dealt a self-inflicted losing blow on Sunday (May 5) with "The Heart Part 6."

The latest track begins promisingly enough, with Drake claiming that he planted the lie that he has a hidden daughter and that Kendrick took the bait by rapping about it in "meet the grahams." If Drake's claim is true, he really got him with that one!

But he then spends much of the track responding to Kendrick's claims that Drake likes underage women, making this not so much a diss track as a denial track. Going on the defensive, Drake raps, "If I was fucking young girls, I promise I'd have been arrested / I'm way too famous for this shit you just suggested," which is sadly not the way fame works.

He also claims that Lamar's accusations stem from the rapper's own trauma at having been abused as a child, as Drake raps, "Ahh, wait a second, that's that one record where you say you got molested / Aw, fuck me, I just made the whole connection / This about to get so depressin' / This is trauma from your own confessions." As well as being a weird thing to say, the song in question, "Mother I Sober," is overtly about how Lamar wasn't molested as a child, so Drake seems to have misinterpreted the song as the crux of his defence.

He even invokes Millie Bobbie Brown, whom the actor he befriended as a teenager, rapping, "Only fuckin' with Whitneys, not Millie Bobby Browns / I'd never look twice at no teenager."

Alright, folks, we're done here. It hasn't been fun, but it certainly has been memorable, and we're happy to declare this feud over!

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