Indian "Rhetoric of No" (NSFW video)

Indian 'Rhetoric of No' (NSFW video)
Chicago doom-deliverers Indian's new From All Purity plays out at a twisted, soul-blackening pace, and suitably enough the album's gut-punching "Rhetoric of No" has been treated to some depraved and torturous visuals.

As the band's jumble of crushing beats, fearful shrieks and detuned guitar damage unfurls across a six-plus minute arrangement, our eyes are assaulted by a series of messed-up snuff film clips and stock surgery footage. Considering this includes everything from nailboard paddlings, to bloody body-parts handling, to bondage experiments gone violently wrong, this ultra-disturbing clip definitely gets the NSFW tag.

If you've got a stomach for it, you can watch the gruesome video down below.

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