Ill Niño Revolution... Revolucion

Just when the Latin invasion was said to be over, along comes Ill Niño. The New Jersey-based band was the brainchild of ex-Pro-Pain member and temporary drummer for Soulfly, Dave Chavarri. The band brags of its fusion of the elements of Latin music with the aggression of rock, and although the flamenco guitar is a bit much on some tracks, the textured percussion of Roger Vasquez adds unimaginable depth to Ill Niño's sound. There is something about the heart thumping bass with Vasquez' melodic bongo playing that is plainly likeable. Songs woven with Spanish and English lyrics solidify Revolution... Revolucion's South American connection. Yet it is the grip of vocalist Cristian Machado and Chavarri's drumming, on tracks like "Unreal" and "Liar," that drag you into Ill Niño's creative core, a core that is surprisingly apparent for a debut disc. (Roadrunner)