Ill Niño Dead New World

The era of nu metal had a few positive aspects. And for those who like clean singing, uncomplicated song structures and lyrics centred upon post-Gen X navel-gazing internal turmoil, this music is for you. However, while Ill Nino have always applied a unique spin to nu metal/alternative hard rock (by North American standards, anyway), the stereotypical elements of their music are dated, but awesome for mainstream radio airplay. Tracks like "Against The Wall" are solid, with good melodies and very strong vocals, but the application of the same Latin percussion on every damn track is a huge distraction. Perhaps it's their attempt to blend North American-inspired music with the band's cultural roots, but the overlapping tribal drumming doesn't naturally blend into the nu metal style, making it hard to not only absorb pretty good songs such as "Ritual" ― the heaviest song on Dead New World ― but also ruining what would have otherwise been a superb cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings." (Victory)