Humans "Tell Me" on Exclaim! TV

Humans 'Tell Me' on Exclaim! TV
Vancouver-based producers Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq comprise indie electro-pop outfit Humans. Their recent full-length debut Noontide is their most polished release to date, a blend of upbeat pop music with dark electronica.

We caught up with the duo when they were in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, where they gave a special performance of "Tell Me" at Kops Records for Exclaim! TV.

Standing in a room plastered with vintage vinyl sleeves and posters, Slade and Ricq's massive board of synthesizers make for an amusing juxtaposition. Then, the band command your attention, as a simple drumbeat is layered with danceable loops, until they've produced a rich, full sound.

Watch their upbeat performance below, then check out Humans' last interview on Exclaim! TV's InTheMix here.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan, Jordan Rapps and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Jordan Rapps

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