Satellite and the Harpoonist Take a Pop-Art Road Trip with Their "Justine" Video

Watch the new visuals from the Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer/Deep Dark Woods/Boom Booms supergroup
Satellite and the Harpoonist Take a Pop-Art Road Trip with Their 'Justine' Video
The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer's Shawn Hall recently branched out as Satellite and the Harpoonist — a supergroup of sorts featuring members of the Deep Dark Woods, the Boom Booms and King Missile III. Now the group are throwing some more weight behind their debut Satellite Man EP with a new video.

The newly shared video comes for the EP track "Justine," with filmmaker/animator and Humans member Peter Ricq helming the clip.

"The inspiration for the video came from talking with Shawn," said Ricq in a statement. "We talked about many things but the idea of turning this video into a journey mixed with pop art really stuck out. In the end, the idea of everyone around me maturing, starting or having a family, there's something that always stays, we are all dreamers and that's something we can always take with us no matter where we go."

Of the track itself, Hall added the following:

A couple summers back my buddy Jonas came over to my place and we just sat on my back deck and dropped some acid he had lying around and we began thinking about larger than life infatuations, obsessions. Shortly, after this huge guy started up a chain saw, and proceeded to drown out our thoughts, this small crew started cutting down the largest group of heritage cedar trees in my neighbourhood, directly behind my yard. So, I called down to City Hall and got an arborist over to try and stop this from happening with the neighbours yelling and crying. Well it didn't work, the trees all fell and opened a hole in the sky that has never been filled and this song is the result, and it has nothing to do with trees.

Watch the resulting "Justine" video below.