Human Touch Promise Not to Fall

Human Touch Promise Not to Fall
A perfect album to round up the end of summer, Natalia Rogovin's electro-pop project Human Touch is an extraordinary spin on dreamy anthems. Promise Not to Fall is a dance-inducing, pulsating record with haunting vocals, and moody synthesizers. Rogovin has altogether produced a collection of organic, electronic beats described as "a heartbroken mix of neon lights and entangled limbs, all underpinned with the sentimental moodiness of a bleached sunset or a high school dance."
Starting the album with the emotional, hypnotic tune "Promise Not to Fall" gives you shivers. Rogovin's monotone vocals are reminiscent of Molly Nilsson, and the electro-pop instrumentals throughout the record are similar to Wesley Eisold of Cold Cave. The characteristics of Rogovin's vocals add depth to the tracks, in the sense of a robotic quality that complements the electronic arrangement. Similarly, "Black Tongue" highlights her drone-like voice that hooks you in, while programmed drums on the track "Melt" give a solid foundation underneath the bright synths.
Rogovin's timeless melancholic songwriting gives each track a glimmer of warmth. "Living Young" is one of those songs about choosing between a safe, structured life or seeking new experiences, as she croons "running from the daylight / leaving for the night / let go of the past / doesn't it feel right."
Promise Not to Fall is a unique rehash of '80s electro-pop. Rogovin's ability to simultaneously craft modern and retro-futuristic sounds that blend cohesively will make you feel more alive. (Independent)