Hubert Lenoir Shares Two New Videos

Watch clips for "Ton hôtel" and "Momo" now
Hubert Lenoir Shares Two New Videos
Ahead of performing at next week's Polaris Music Prize gala, 2018 short list nominee Hubert Lenoir has shared two new visuals for songs off his acclaimed Darlène.

A first clip for "Ton hôtel" (arriving through Noisey) is one part summer loving, and another chaotic, with Lenoir and company smashing up old cars, burning images of himself, and wrapping himself in the bloodied flag of "La belle province" come the end of the video.

"We were on tour this summer and when we shot it we only had a day," Lenoir told Noisey. "We had an old camera and some friends and we just started shooting. We knew we wanted to break stuff and have fun and just hang out in our hometown [of Quebec City] and drink a little. Everything escalated into 'Let's burn some stuff.' At some point we smashed a window and my hand opened—it was bloody as fuck."

A second new video for "Momo" finds Lenoir busting a move at the beach, launching handfuls of beached weeds into the water before throwing himself into the drink for good measure. The clip also features a steady scroll of text taken from Darlène's accompanying book, written by collaborator Noémie Leclerc.

Watch both videos in the players below. Read our interview with Lenoir here.