"Syncope" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 28, 2015

While the name of HOUNDS' latest blood-pumping single is "Syncope," you may want to keep yourself conscious long enough to peep the new, aggressive performance video for the song.

The track was pulled from the Canadian hardcore group's recently delivered debut EP, Wild Eyes, and specializes in madly blasted drums, jagged and discordant six-string licks, and the ragged, glass-chewing growls of Mike Rokos. Taking that EP title to heart, the black and white video has the bearded frontman flashing us some pretty demented looks as he paces an ill-lit stage with his pals.

Despite the use of a few screen-jiggling post-production effects and intentionally out-of-focus shots, it's a pretty straight-forward video that puts the fury of the band front and centre. You'll find the premiere of the video, which was directed and edited by PlastikFilms, down below.

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