Hear the Week's Best New Canadian Music: Carly Rae Jepsen, Cam Kahin, Kiesza, Zach Zoya

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Jan 26, 2024

We've nearly made it through the endless month that is January. Whether you've been challenging yourself to keep things dry or get after some resolutions, or merely set your sights on survival, congratulations! I'm proud of you. You know who else wants to give you a pat on the back? Canadian musicians, who are here to affirm you as they do best: in song-form.

This week, Carly Rae Jepsen gives an Exclaim! Staff Picks-worthy performance on Bullion's "Rare" (Queen of features!) and Cam Kahin puts his best put forward on new single "stay with me" ahead of playing the last weekend of our Class of 2024 concert series at Nineteen Seventy Eight tonight. There's also the return of Kiesza, and Zach Zoya on his "Rich N Pretty" flex.

In album releases, we've got the debut from Cahin's fellow Class Of grads Dermabrasion, as well as the highly anticipated LPs from the Jerry Cans' Andrew Morrison's Echoes Of... project and Spencer Burton.

Elsewhere, there's a wealth of new riches from fanclubwallet, Chastity, Saturn Blue, Ghostly Kisses, Non La, TOPS' Jane Penny, Corridor and more. 

Relish in whatever you can with The Eh! List below, presented by Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters — all Canadian and proud of it!


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