Haviah Mighty Shares New Single "Occasion"

BY Matt BobkinPublished Dec 11, 2020

Haviah Mighty has had a busy 2020, between new videos for tracks from her Polaris Music Prize-winning 2019 album 13th Floor and last month's single, "Atlantic." Today, she's capping her year off with "Occasion," another strong new single.

The track is driven by Mighty's confident, rapid-fire flow as she confronts those looking to halt her meteoric rise. Bars like "I know the occasion, babe / You just want to take away / All of this clout, yeah, but Imma make you go south, yeah" keep her profile rising higher.

Said Mighty in a statement, "This song is about the low expectations that people have of those that don't follow or fit the status quo, and how I'll push to overcome those doubts and surpass those expectations. The 'occasion' is my downfall, and in this song, I fight its existence."

Haviah produced the track alongside her brother, Mighty Prynce, and Sauce Junky, who sent the rapper the stems during a livestream on Instagram.

She said, "The production for 'Occasion' initially developed while on Instagram Live back in March, just as we were settling into whatever the COVID pandemic was going to look like. A producer on the Live (Sauce Junky) sent me some stems, I downloaded them, flipped them into a beat, and asked my brother (Mighty Prynce) to hop on the percussion. While it was just for fun initially, the people watching seemed to love it, so I fleshed it out channeling the unstoppable energy that I was feeling at the time. Despite the circumstances, music doesn't stop!"

Listen to "Occasion" below.

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