The Haunted Metal Made Them Do It

BY Chris AyersPublished Nov 17, 2016

Metallica and Korn may dominate the aggressive music scene in North America, but it's a whole different ballgame in Europe. Sweden has long been a hotspot for underground metal bands, and the Haunted are poised to lead the snarling pack. The metal world frothed all over Slaughter Of The Soul, the 1995 masterwork of At The Gates, in which the Haunted's Bjorler brothers — Jonas and guitarist Anders — cut their ever-pointed incisors. After a critically acclaimed debut album in 1998, the Haunted are ruling the genre with jagged, Slayer-esque riffings and the furious howls of new throat Marco Aro on their second Earache release, The Haunted Made Me Do It.

With a peculiar twist on the album's title, the group adorned their new album cover with images of famous serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. "I think it fits well with the title," Jonas asserts. "It's of course a bit ironic and provocative, and it mocks the double standards in politics and society. For example, you can't swear on American TV, but you can buy guns on every street corner."

In today's image-driven mainstream music, a little sensationalism goes a long way. So how did the Haunted prepare themselves for possibly negative backlash? "Naturally, we all have high expectations for the album, but what mattered the most is the music and not the sales." With a demonic snort, Jonas adds that the title has a double meaning as well. "Heavy metal music has been the scapegoat when young metal fans have committed suicide, when others factors have been the cause. The title fits — you might as well blame the Haunted!"

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