Hans Fjellestad Kobe Live House

Don’t let the title trick you — this is not house music. It’s actually live experimental and improvisational ambience. Hans Fjellestad is in control of piano, synth and Powerbook as this disc was recorded live in Japan and arranged into two sets, each with their own subdivisions. The first, in four sections, features live improvised piano, combined with ambient whooshes and thrumming, and occasional percussive interludes in part one, before moving into extended piano improvisation and ambient drones in section two. Section three picks up the pace, with fast piano, quick electronic glitches and other noises, and section four goes more electronic. Set two starts off just as quick, with much more random piano riffs and what almost sounds like the squeaky shoes of a basketball game. Feedback drives the second section, before it moves into random blips. The disc wraps up with piano, random banging and synth loops. If you like improvised live electronics, this is worth checking out. (Accretions)