Hans Fjellestad 33

Musician and filmmaker Hans Fjellestad takes to the piano and an array of manipulation techniques provided by old and new technologies and creates a totally new record of nature sounds, including making piano sound like rolling rocks and clouds, and bows and loose pocket change into sonic shocks of static electricity. Think of tuning into what might first appear to be a mellow traditional piano-oriented modern classical piece and droning movie soundtrack scores and having those radio waves collide with that of a broadcast from a space telescope that tries to decipher alien signals. Things change so quickly within the 13 compositions (all of which don't seem to be flow together — which is in fact an ironic yet key element to the album) that it comes across as a condensed audio documentary book version that encapsulates all there is needed to be learned about the myths of middle earth and the deep universe. Fans of Stars of the Lid, Eno and Robert Fripp soundscapes should take notice — this is advanced listening at its best. (Accretions)