Hannah Diamond Unveils Debut Album 'Reflections'

Watch the video for the PC Music artist's new single "Invisible"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 30, 2019

At long last, PC Music's Hannah Diamond has announced plans her debut full-length album. The LP is titled Reflections and promises to be a collection of heartbreak pop ballads. Produced by A. G. Cook and EASYFUN, the record is due out November 22, of course, via PC Music.

Today, we have a sneak peak of the new record in a brand new track called "Invisible." The accompanying dark and ethereal high-definition video also arrives today through the combined artistic efforts of Diamond and director Daniel Swan.

After months of work together, Swan and Diamond have created an alternate reality in which Diamond exists as a pop star bombarded by her own image. In this universe, she attempts to channel her pain into a pure vision of herself.

Read Diamond's statement about her new video below.

Daniel helped me bring to life a story where I am working towards creating a pixel-perfect digital version of myself as I navigate feeling inadequate in a world dominated by advertising, fame and stardom. I am perpetually surrounded by screens and on display for everyone to see, but paradoxically feel completely invisible to the one person who I wish would notice me. The "Invisible" world represents a hyper-real reflection of real life, mirroring aspects of my day to day; the sleepy tube journey across London Bridge, a walk through an alternate reality where London is filled with HD billboard images and advertising photographed by me. It explores the processes of constructing my own "image," as I work to completely digitise my self to be remembered virtually forever.

Hannah Diamond's Reflections has been in the works since the singer shared "True" late last year. The record marks her first since her 2017 EP Soon I Won't See You at All.

Watch the video for "Invisible" below.

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