Grimes Reveals "Pussy Rings" for New Jewelry Line

Grimes Reveals 'Pussy Rings' for New Jewelry Line
Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) may be best known for her ethereal electro-pop anthems, but the Canadian musician is now testing the waters as a style magnate, having just started up a jewelry line with Montreal-based artist/jeweler/sculptor Morgan Black.

A post on Boucher's blog yesterday (April 26) announced the formation of their new brand Existenz, and their first collaborative piece, the Grimes Pussy Rings. You can get a gander at the genitalia-shaped accessories (available in crystal clear, pink and ebony) up above. However, we're not sure if that skull ring is part of the collection.

No details have been released as to when we could see the pieces up for sale, and according to Grimes, Black "refuses to have a website," so there isn't really another contact to go by just yet.

In other Grimes news, the solo soundsmith announced on her Twitter that she'll be making a video for Visions track "Genesis" this June in Los Angeles. A casting call was made, seeking out "hot girls who can dance & r willing to be zombie angels and blow up cars and televisions," so if you want to head to the Golden State for some wild times, we suggest you hit her up ASAP.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.