Girl Talk "Suicide" (remix ft. A$AP Ferg, Freeway) (video)

Girl Talk 'Suicide' (remix ft. A$AP Ferg, Freeway) (video)
Shelbyville must be spiking our water supply again, because yet another Simpsons-themed music video has been funnelled down the pipeline today (October 17). This time, master mash-up artist Girl Talk is giving us an alternate-reality envisioning of Springfield in an animated video for "Suicide."

A militia of Bart Simpsons guide us into the video, armed to the tips of their spikey domes with machine guns before we see A$AP Ferg and Freeway's flows fall out of the mouths of the animated characters. Elsewhere in the clip, we see a dagger-eyed Krusty the Clown, Lisa Simpson as a kush-puffing sun, and Our Favourite Family's sailboat painting anthropomorphized into an MC.

Also of note, everything appears to be coming up Milhouse, as this particular portrayal de-nerdifies the dud by turning him into a solid street shredder.

You'll find the offbeat tribute down below.