Georgia Anne Muldrow as "Jyoti"


BY Matt BauerPublished Oct 1, 2013

For her second excursion in her electric jazz series as Jyoti (a moniker bestowed upon her by the late Alice Coltrane, meaning "light" in Sanskrit), Georgia Anne Muldrow takes a more traditional approach to the music than 2010's Ocotea, which was a kaleidoscope of early Weather Report, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder influences filtered through Muldrow's trademark freewheeling style. Opening with applause and the announcement that "Carnegie Hall will never again be the same," Denderah aims to capture the vibe of a classic live performance and the intention feels authentic since Muldrow's more straightforward and proficient jazz inclinations are showcased. Again performing as a one-woman band, Muldrow displays a jazz classicist's sense of nuance in opening solo piano piece "Early," which segues into the smoky, subdued swing of "Turiya's Smile." Being that this is Georgia Anne Muldrow, Denderah has its moments of delightful off-kilter cosmic funk, such as the zany electro-bop of "SUP" or the righteous, Headhunters-inspired groove of "Optimus Prime."

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