Gay Dad Transmission

Although they seemed destined to vanish into obscurity thanks to the vicious turnover and fickle nature of the UK's music scene, Cliff Jones and company did indeed release a follow-up to their debut Leisure Noise. In an all-too-familiar story, their much-hyped major label debut obviously didn't merit further handouts, and the band now finds their home on Thirsty Ear, who has resurrected Transmission for North America. Admittedly, the Gay Dad hype seemed dubious after word got around that charismatic front-man Jones was himself a music writer. Indeed, the first album was ambitious, overproduced and generally mediocre Britpop fare. Transmission is actually a much better rock record, with louder guitars and more hooks to please fans of the scene. Although things get off to a poor start with the title track, things pick up immediately after with "Now Always And Forever," a big, satisfying rock anthem. Track names like "Harder Faster" and "Keep It Heavy" make it quite clear what the direction is for this album. Jones's voice is still crystal clear, and songs like "Plane Going Down" not only show this off but demonstrate just how catchy the songs can be. There are definitely some weaker moments later in the album, and their songwriting style does tend to repeat itself, but overall this is a surprisingly decent album. Take note that even though the album artwork prominently displays "" as their web site, be warned, as it seems something far less musical has taken their place on the internet. (Thirsty Ear)