Foals Scène de la Montagne, Montreal QC, July 31

Foals Scène de la Montagne, Montreal QC, July 31
Photo: Rick Clifford
The first to swagger onto the stage in the sweltering Sunday heat was drummer Jack Bevan, who climbed onto the platform and drummed out the opening beats of "Snake Oil," from their latest record What Went Down. Emerging shortly afterwards from the wings was lead singer Yannis Philippakis and the rest of their crew, marching out to the beat and launching directly into the song with abandon.
Pummelling through track after track with brilliantly executed indie rock bravado, Foals then launching into crowd favourite "My Number," sending the massive audience swaying and singing along. And while Philippakis's mic could have benefitted from a needed volume boost — as the sheer weight of the other instruments drowned out his voice from time to time — Foals nonetheless channelled their high-adrenaline, UK cool to maximum effect, as the band's kinetic performance sent the crowd into a frenzy.
Moving through "A Knife in the Ocean," and "Inahler" with breakneck speed, Foals landed on set closer "What Went Down" with Philippakis jumping into the crowd, yelling the lines "when I see a man, I see a lion," as the rest of the band looking on with a smirk.