Fear Factory "ProtoMech" (lyric video)

Fear Factory 'ProtoMech' (lyric video)
Tech-obsessed metal vets Fear Factory are pondering the state of our steadily-digitizing world in the latest deafening preview from their upcoming Genexus LP. If you too have some concerns about the shifting dynamics between man and machine, give cautionary tune "ProtoMech" a spin down below.

The track appears in a new lyric video that presents Burton C. Bell's words plastered above a bunch of brilliant, fiber optic backdrops. While the track is confrontational in its earliest moments—just check the viciously picked, percussive six-stringing and frenetic double kick work—the song soon surges into a near-symphonic closing passage. While lovely, it still comes with the half-screamed summary: "My life is taken to feed the machine."

You can check out the clip below, while Genexus arrives in full August 7 via Nuclear Blast.