Fat Mike "Seeping Beauty"

Fat Mike 'Seeping Beauty'
NOFX frontman Fat Mike's punk rock musical Home Street Home is a couple weeks off from making its official premiere, but today (January 20) marked the release of a teaser 7-inch manned with the theatre piece's "Seeping Beauty." You can take a peek behind the curtain via a stream of the single.

The context is a little unclear, the track is sung by the gravel-voiced title character, who uses a backdrop of piano and crunchy pop punk guitars to explain that while cutting herself may give everyone else the creeps, it releases her own despair. If you think that plot synopsis is a little, ahem, thin, you can catch the musical's "Seeping Beauty" streaming out her storyline herself down below.

Co-written with Soma Snakeoil and Tony Award winner Jeff Marx (Avenue Q), Fat Mike's Home Street Home will be delivered February 10 through his own Fat Wreck Chords.