Falling in Reverse Reveal 'Just Like You,' Share New Track

Falling in Reverse Reveal 'Just Like You,' Share New Track
Falling in Reverse have followed up the recent reveal of their "God, If You Are Above..." single by announcing the forthcoming LP that will be the track's home. Titled Just Like You, the Las Vegas band's apparently relatable third full-length lands February 24 through longtime label Epitaph.

Not too much has been detailed behind the creation of the LP, but both a tracklisting and an album cover have been unveiled. You'll find the former, featuring titles like "Chemical Prisoner," "Sexy Drug" and "Die for You," down below. Up above, you'll see the mid-riff and short-shorts-showcasing shot that serves as the album art.

It's unclear at the moment if the new album will have frontman Ronnie Radke and his crew tackling left-field elements of EDM and hip-hop the same way they did on 2013's Fashionably Late. But you'll find new tune "Guillotine IV (the Final Chapter)," a more traditional metalcore assemblage of Richter scale-smashing breakdowns, shred solos and melodically sung choruses down below.

Just Like You:

1. Chemical Prisoner

2. God, If You Are Above…
3. Sexy Drug

4. Just Like You

5. Guillotine IV (the Final Chapter)

6. Stay Away

7. Wait and See

8. The Bitter End

9. My Heart's To Blame

10. Get Me Out

11. Die For You

12. Brother