Exes for Eyes "Tongues Like Figure Eights" (video)

Exes for Eyes 'Tongues Like Figure Eights' (video)
For the unfamiliar, Exes for Eyes is a Toronto/Montreal-based band that features members of Man With Target, Annihilator, Endast and Authors, among others. Following their debut album The Amsler Grid, the group have prepared a new record called Tongues Like Figure Eights. Today, they've shared a video for the album's title track.

Decidedly straightforward, the clip sees the quartet set up in a white room, where they're filmed in black and white. It's simple, to be sure, but it all serves to emphasize the intensity of the track itself. Along with, of course, plenty of impassioned guitar faces.

Check out the video for "Tongues Like Figure Eights" below.