Exes for Eyes The Amsler Grid

Exes for Eyes are a collaboration brought to life by ex-Annihilator bassist Dave Sheldon and Endast vocalist James Arsenian. Their debut album, The Amsler Grid, combines the best elements of both these bands. But, to be clear, The Amsler Grid and Exes for Eyes are sonically a lot closer to Endast than Annihilator, and the album is an excellent entry into Canada's thrash/speed metal scene. The Amsler Grid doesn't waste any time cranking things up to a frenzy, exploding right out of the gates with "Feel Again." The vocal range is nicely textured, as Arsenian moves between a hardcore yell and guttural growl, while Sheldon backs things up with an occasional melodic burst on "Exes for Eyes" and "Romanticize the Struggle." Their layered vocals nicely complement the instrumental work, which constantly takes new directions, to great effect. The entire album has a fantastic tactile feel, which is fitting for the theme of blindness underlying the project. Thrashing around in a world robbed of light, Exes for Eyes have built an album that's meant to be heard, and felt. (Year of the Sun)