Mach-Hommy and Kaytranada Do It Again on "#RICHAXXHAITIAN"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 8, 2024

Moments in which Kaytranada provides production to an MC determined to give it nothing less than their most charged-up delivery remain entirely electric. Albums the producer has crafted with IDK and Aminé these past few years were enjoyable, but the most recent instance of this happening remains "$payforhaiti" from his 2021 EP Intimidated, on which Mach-Hommy turns in just over three minutes of unrelenting, bilingual burn-up. Upon that track's arrival, it was also one of those moments that led me to think, "I hope there's more where this came from."

The two now reunite on "#RICHAXXHAITIAN," the title track from Mach-Hommy's new album arriving May 17 — one day ahead of Haitian Flag Day. The #RICHAXXHAITIAN LP reportedly caps a tetralogy including Mach-Hommy's lauded 2016 album HBO (Haitian Body Odor), and two 2021 releases involving another another Montreal-based beat wizard in Nicholas Craven, Pray for Haiti and Balens Cho (Hot Candles).

Compared to "$payforhaiti," "#RICHAXXHAITIAN" strikes a lighter tone, as Mach-Hommy confidently cruises atop the steady punch of Kaytranada's kick drum and the matching thump of his melodic bass line. The MC's rapid-fire flow is occasionally punctuated by a syrupy hook from 03 Greedo, as the Californian pines for wealth beyond the flawless diamonds and stable of priceless cars in his house on the hill. Net worths notwithstanding, we're all the richer for witnessing another Haitian-North American team-up for the ages.



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