Homer Simpson's Various Medical Bills Would Total $141 Million

Researchers for DTLA Law Group's injury attorneys have calculated the cost of his many, many hospital visits
Homer Simpson's Various Medical Bills Would Total $141 Million
American national law group DTLA and its researchers have set out to answer the US's most burning question about healthcare — the cost of Homer Simpson's mounting medical bills, naturally.

For some reason, the group has set forth to determine an estimated total cost of the paternal Simpsons character's hospital visits, arriving at a modest sum of $141 million USD over the span of over 700 episodes from a sample of "50 memorable incidents."

Injuries range from radiation exposure to brain damage and paralysis, with several minor injuries in between. Of course, without healthcare, the cost of the slapstick protagonist's antics have racked up a hefty statement, with billables including animal attacks, poisoning and skull fractures totalling, in some cases, $100,000 USD each.

According to DTLA's report, Homer's injuries represent a number 443-times higher than the average American, though the firm points to the study as a means of "shedding light on the dangers and potential cost of not having life insurance."

Senior trial attorney Farid Yaghoubtil elaborated: "Whilst Homer Simpson is a fictional character, his injuries are very real, and examples of incidents that many people are entitled to compensation for. We hope this medical bill rap sheet encourages anyone who is considering it, to get health insurance and avoid paying the price."

The messaging feels effective, that is, of course, if you were to spend 30 years getting injured falling down stairs and off roofs, breaking numerous bones on multiple occasions — the types of accidents DTLA found Homer most prone to.

Thankfully emergency healthcare here in Canada is much more affordable.

You can see a breakdown of Homer's most expensive injuries below, and see DTLA's full report here.

1. Brain damage: $1,525,500
2. Paralysis: $508,904
3. Radiation exposure: $150,000
4. Skull Fracture: $100,000
5. Loss of Consciousness: $80,000