Eve 6 Are Suddenly Relevant Again Thanks to Their Wild Twitter Account

"i was literally a virgin when i wrote the heart in a blender song"
Eve 6 Are Suddenly Relevant Again Thanks to Their Wild Twitter Account
Eve 6 are mostly remembered for a handful of turn-of-the-millennium alt-rock hits, most notably 1998's "Inside Out" (a.k.a. that "heart in a blender" song). Suddenly, however, the group are back in the public consciousness, and it's all thanks to their wild Twitter account, which is run by frontman Max Collins.

The group joined Twitter way back in 2008, and they've been tweeting fairly consistently since then. Their output suddenly exploded this December, with tweets that became increasingly funny and frequent. They went viral on December 18, getting over 3,000 retweets after Collins admitted he was a virgin when he wrote "Inside Out."
Since then, Eve 6's feed has been jammed full of tweets making fun of Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins, plus trolling celebrities with the question, "do you like the heart in a blender song?" One particularly dark joke speculated that Jeffrey Epstein had probably sung along to the song.
A handful of the tweets are more offensive than funny, but there's no denying that Eve 6 are suddenly the talk of Twitter, which is not something we expected to be saying in 2020. As of press time, they've amassed almost 32,000 followers, and each tweet gets impressive engagement. Below, check out some more of Eve 6's notable tweets from the last few days.