EMA "Amnesia Haze" (video)

EMA 'Amnesia Haze' (video)
Soundtracks, by their very nature, are intended as an accompaniment to visuals. Now, EMA's song "Amnesia Haze" from the #HORROR soundtrack has gotten an extra set of visual accompaniment thanks to a music video.

The music is a dreamy electro-pop tune that's peaceful with just a hint of eerie darkness. Despite its horror movie origins, the accompnaying video looks more a soothing meditation clip, as we see singer Erika M. Anderson's face superimposed on top of heavenly vistas of clouds and mountains. It was directed by EMA herself along with Severiano Martinez.

Anderson explained the song and video with the following statement:

We were looking for a track to fit in a scene for #HORROR where Chloe's character opens up her closet for all the girls to play dress up. Severiano had this instrument and I fell in love with it and wrote the top line.  

Although it has a very "pretty" ethereal pop sound to it, I think of the lyrics as almost a eulogy. Kind of my 21st century version of 'Sweet Child of Mine'. Although of course my guitar solo is not quite Slash-worthy.   

For the video we wanted something expansive, pristine and vast. I feel like these landscapes represent the distance of memory and some sort of unbreakable bond.

Watch it below.