EMA Details New LP, Shares "Aryan Nation" Video

'Exile in the Outer Ring' was deemed "too political" for release by her previous label
EMA Details New LP, Shares 'Aryan Nation' Video
Erika M. Anderson last delivered an album under her EMA moniker back in 2014 with The Future's Void, then went in a slightly scarier and more cinematic direction to score #HORROR. She's now revealed plans for her next EMA LP, though, and Exile in the Outer Ring will arrive on August 25 via City Slang.
As the album artwork (pictured above) suggests, the new record tackles modern American themes. A close examination of the country's heartland and "my people in the middle country," Anderson recently explained that the new record is "not exactly mainstream" and was deemed "too political" for her previous label home, Matador.

Of Midwestern origin herself, Anderson shared a message of compassion and warning to the fellow Americans that inspired the new material. It reads:
I don't look down on, or laugh at, serious issues such as poverty or drug problems. I believe your situations are real, your pain is real. I'm not here to ridicule or dismiss you. But as a person who came from heartland America, I also believe that there is another way than directing your anger at those who often have less power than you. Don't let your discontent or your patriotism be exploited. Don't look down, look up.
The tracklisting offers a glimpse into what seems like a rather bleak summation of the modern day United States and Anderson's own place within it, teasing tracks like "Breathalyzer," "Down and Out" and "33 Nihilistic and Female." The first song to be shared from the upcoming effort is titled "Aryan Nation," and you can scroll past the list of Exile in the Outer Ring song titles to watch its accompanying video below.

Exile in the Outer Ring:
1. 7 Years
2. Breathalyzer
3. I Wanna Destroy
4. Blood and Chalk
5. Down and Out
6. Fire Water Air LSD
7. Aryan Nation
8. 33 Nihilistic and Female
9. Receive Love
10. Always Bleeds
11. Where The Darkness Began