Dr. Dre Wants His Chronic Back

Dr. Dre Wants His <i>Chronic</i> Back
Rapper/producer/hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre wants his classic album back. On August 15, Dre (born André Romell Young) filed a lawsuit against Death Row Records over the rights to his landmark West Coast rap album, The Chronic.

In the lawsuit, Dre is asking the courts to annul two agreements made in 1992 and 1996; the former states the label was given permission to distribute the album, while the latter relinquished copyrights to Death Row on the condition that Dre would continue to receive royalties. In 2000, he notified the label that he was annuling their two agreements and demanded the rights to the album be returned. Dre claims that because of that notice, he is now the rightful owner of the album.

The suit also cites the label's unlawful selling of the album's copyrights without proper permission. As such, Dre is seeking a permanent injunction against Death Row and its trustee to prevent any further sales of The Chronic. On top of that, he is asking to be paid any revenue earned by the label during its ownership of the copyrights.

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