DOOMSQUAD Return with 'Let Yourself Be Seen'

Hear new track "General Hum" now
DOOMSQUAD Return with 'Let Yourself Be Seen'
Nearly three years removed from releasing their Total Time LP, sibling trio DOOMSQUAD have lifted the curtain on a follow-up full-length.

Titled Let Yourself Be Seen, the latest from the sibling trio will arrive May 10 through Royal Mountain Records/Bella Union

Said to be "steeped in the influences of acid house, West African disco, spiritual jazz, NYC no-wave and new-age ambient music," the group sought to "crystallize what DOOMSQUAD is and what it means to us."

"What we always knew but put at the forefront of this record is that DOOMSQUAD is a project of protest, catharsis and emotional and spiritual reconnection through music and, especially, through dance-music culture," they further explained in a statement. "It's about activating the body on the most fundamental level, into states of change, release and reunion."

Alongside the announcement, the trio have shared a video for "General Hum," which you can watch in the player below. They elaborated on the Zak Tatham-directed clip's concept as follows:

We wanted to expand further on the idea of a post-identity hybrid-corporeality sense of oneness which we allude to in the album cover photo, and is mutually experienced by many in the nocturnal hours on a dance floor. Riffing on the source of much of our creative power: our siblinghood, and seeing how we could push that creative power further, we envisioned a state where we could go beyond the liminalities imposed by our bodies, genders, and senses of self. This state, or future form, (actually its quite archaic) is a merging of our beings into an all-powerful super body. It's bare and vulnerable, with its mechanisms exposed for all to see, yet is perfectly suited for the world today; in its multi-faceted communal nature, it's strong enough to take on all forces. Let Yourself Be Seen!

Let Yourself Be Seen 
is available for pre-order here.

Let Yourself Be Seen:

1. Spandrel
2. General Hum
3. Aimless
4. Let It Go
5. Emma
6. Spandrel II
7. Dorian's Closet
8. Let Yourself Be Seen
9. The Last Two Palm Trees In LA
10. Weather Patterns