DJ Shub Details New Album 'War Club'

Snotty Nose Rez Kids, TRP.P's Phoenix Pagliacci, Randy Bachman, Boogát and more feature

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 19, 2020

Following a series of single drops these past few months, DJ Shub has shared details of his debut album. The former A Tribe Called Red member will deliver War Club on December 4 through his own Shub Music imprint.

The 19-track War Club is said to be "a battle cry for change," with its high-energy production soundtrack a moment of social and political change. Joining Shub on the album are Snotty Nose Rez Kids, TRP.P's Phoenix Pagliacci, CanRock vet Randy Bachman, Boogát, Hellnback, Jewlz, Steve Salas, Fawn Wood and Morningstar River.

The Boogát-assisted "Killa Soundboy" is the latest single to arrive, following the previously shared "Calling All Dancers," "The Social," "Shake Ya Bustle" and "Bullets." You can hear that below.

"'Killa Soundboy' started out as an instrumental that I used to play live, but then I ran into Boogát at a show and told him I had a song I wanted to send him," Shub explained of the track in a press release. "Boogát is something else, such a talented artist and it really shows because what he did to the song really made it so much better."

War Club:

1. Intro
2. War Club (ft. Snotty Rez Kids)
3. Calling All Dancers
4. The Social (ft. Phoenix Pagliacci)
5. Smoke Dance Two
6. Killa Soundboy (ft. Boogat)
7. Bullets (ft. Phoenix Pagliacci & Randy Bachman)
8. Butchie Boy
9. Shake Ya Bustle (ft. Hellnback)
10. Smoke Dance Three
11. Intermission
12. Back To The Land (ft. Jewlz)
13. Stoodis
14. Fight For Your People (ft. Hellnback)
15. Smoke Dance Four
16. Pow Wow Dub (ft. Steve Salas)
17. Redfoot (ft. Fawn Wood)
18. Old School Is for Lovers (ft. Morningstar River)
19. Outro

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