deadmau5 Reflects on Why He Trolled Grimes's Coachella Disaster

"Heaven forbid we have a little fun"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 13, 2024

This year, Grimes's disastrous Coachella set became something of a hot-button issue in the world of electronic music, with some arguing that it proved that Grimes didn't know how to DJ on the fly, and others coming to her to defence. Now, fellow Canadian beatmaker deadmau5 has weighed in on why he trolled Grimes.

The incident in question occurred about a month after Coachella, when deadmau5 performed at EDC Las Vegas in May. During his song "Sometimes Things Get, Whatever," deadmau5 played a clip of Grimes explaining why she was having trouble lining up her tracks, with a metronome ticking in the background.

The Canadian Press asked deadmau5 about the incident, and he initially bristled at the question, adopting what the news agency described as a "mocking prim accent" while responding, "I take my partying very seriously when I go the electronic music show."

He then went on to say, "Tell you what, interview me a year from now and ask me how much anyone gives a [heck] or even remembers that."

He added, "It's just fun, okay? And heaven forbid we have a little fun, some screaming and some laughs at a music festival. It'd be really weird if we didn't. It'd be very unmemorable if we were all very serious."

deadmau5 will be playing some major festivals here in Canada this summer, including BC's FVDED in the Park and Calgary's Chasing Summer.

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