De La Soul "The People" (ft. Chuck D)

De La Soul 'The People' (ft. Chuck D)
New York hip-hop trio De La Soulhave teamed up with Public Enemy frontman Chuck D to offer a timely new track titled "The People."

The song premiered over at Rolling Stone and member Trugoy explains that working with Chuck D was an honour. "Lyrically, Chuck brings a sense of authority and urgency," he told the magazine. "The power in his voice demands your attention."

"The People" was originally scheduled to be released back in June, but they held off for a Black Friday release. The unforeseen non-indictment verdict in Ferguson, MO, lends a whole new meaning to the already powerful song.

"Somehow this song was destined to be a part of something more than just dropping a joint," said Trugoy. "We hope it will lend itself to something positive in these difficult times."

De La Soul also hinted that a new album is on the way in 2015, but for now, listen to the inadvertent protest anthem "The People" below.