David Usher "Je Repars"

David Usher 'Je Repars'
Montreal, QC singer-songwriter David Usher is set to release an acoustic album and to gear fans up, he's offering a free stream of the album's new single, called "Je Repars." The track also features Quebec superstar Marie-Mai.

Regarding the album, Usher says: "I woke up one morning with the idea of an acoustic album. Re-visualizing the songs with new arrangements. Simple. With space and air for the vocal and the lyrics to breathe, tracing my way back to when they were first written. I thought I'd spend a week or two putting it together. Sometimes a week turns into a year and life leads you down many paths. The fun part is that you never know what's round next the corner..."

Stream "Je Repars" by David Usher featuring Marie-Mai, courtesy of MapleMusic Recordings, below.