Moist Return with Their First New Album Since 2014

Hear the title track from the band's upcoming 'End of the Ocean'
Moist Return with Their First New Album Since 2014
At long last, Moist are back with a new album. The LP — the Canadian band's fist since 2014 — is called End of the Ocean, which will arrive on October 1 via Known Accomplice. Today the announcement comes alongside the new video for the album's title track.

End of the Ocean marks Moist's first album since 2014's Glory Under Dangerous Skies. The record was produced and mixed by Moist guitarist Mark Makoway, and the album marks the return of the band's original bass player Jeff Pearce, as well as rhythm guitarist Jon Gallivan and drummer Francis Fillion. Of course, David Usher remains as the group's vocalist.

Following the recently shared track "Tarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)," Moist have now unloaded "End of the Ocean." The video for the song was adapted from the 2009 film OFF WORLD, which was directed by Mateo Guez and filmed at Smokey Mountain in the Philippines.

Of the title track and the album's overall theme, Usher explained, "I live in analogue, trained to trust in feeling. And I live in technology, in love with my new shiny objects. These days it feels like we're constantly racing, dealing with an endless stream of data, our days stuffed with online meetings, and passwords, and Netflix, and unsocial media, and always more stuff — a material culture on speed."

Usher also went on to provide a quote about the booming NFT trade — something he's not too fond of.

"Can we just slow down on the love affair with the NFT's, at least until we can make them climate-neutral?" he said. "The greatest irony would be if artists and their art are the catalysts that lead the world to embrace a new unsustainable economy. Right now, until Ethereum switches its model from proof of work to proof of stake, NFT's are the new oil business; a gold rush for people making money at the expense of the planet. The blockchain is definitely the future, but as the world accelerates we need to be constantly thinking about the ecosystems we're building, and that they are sustainable."

Watch the "End of the Ocean" video below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.

End of the Ocean:

1. Ammunition
2.  Dying for a Light In The Dark (We Are)
3. End Of The Ocean
4. Flesh and Bone
5. High On It
6. Party's Over
7. Put The Devil On It
8. Tarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)
9.  The Millions
10. Tip Of My Tongue

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