Moist Return with First New Music in Six Years

The video for "Tarantino" was created using shots from a National Film Board short 'Caterpillarplasty'
Moist Return with First New Music in Six Years
Moist have returned with their first new song since releasing 2014's Glory Under Dangerous Skies.

With the band recording remotely from Toronto and Montreal, guitarist and producer Mark Makoway assembled and mixed the track — titled "Tarantino" — which "tells the story of a life in meaningless excess." Frontman David Usher conjured the idea for the song after a quarantine binge-watch of Quentin Tarantino's film catalogue.

In a statement, Usher explained, "The song came out of a dream sparked by those images where we have lost all sense of ourselves — where there are no limits on our consumption and all we want is more."

He added: "We deconstruct and reconstruct ourselves to fill an unfillable void and we just eat ourselves alive, and somehow, we still can't wake up."

Moist have also shared a music video for the track, with director David Barlow-Krelina editing clips from his 2018 National Film Board of Canada short, Caterpillarplasty.

"When I saw the long version of Caterpillarplasty, it fit perfectly with the vision for the song. The endless desire to remodel and upgrade ourselves, hoping the remaking of our appearance will somehow solve our existential turmoil," Usher said in a statement.

While the song has yet to be attached to any larger project, Moist are still slated to take part in November's "Saints and Sinners" tour alongside Headstones, the Tea Party and Sloan, which had previously been rescheduled (twice) because of the pandemic.

Watch the "Tarantino" video below.