Danko Jones and Damian Abraham on Exclaim! TV Chatroom

Danko Jones and Damian Abraham on Exclaim! TV Chatroom
The almighty Danko Jones and Damian Abraham (of Fucked Up fame) are two of Toronto's finest musical figures. For almost two decades the pair have passionately represented their respective genres and grown devoted followings across the globe.

Beginning this spring, each artist will embark on tours in support of their recently released LPs: Fire Music (Jones) and Glass Boys (Fucked Up).

Before hitting the road, the two amigos met up at the Exclaim! office to take part in the latest instalment of Exclaim! TV's Chatroom, where fans have the ability to reach out and ask their favourite bands and artists questions via social media.

Jones and Abraham took no time making themselves comfortable during their visit to the office, answering fans' questions with great detail and enthusiasm. (In fact, the two were so vocal that we had to cut a second part of this Chatroom solely focused on their deep-rooted passion for professional wrestling.) Topics of discussion included their views on music, their latest LPs and award show controversies.

Watch the Chatroom session now in the player below, and look out for part two of their enlightening conversation over on our YouTube page in the weeks to come.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Edited by Riley Hunt
Audio mixed by Kyle Laurin