Dan Mangan + Blacksmith "Ex-Factor" (Lauryn Hill cover)

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith 'Ex-Factor' (Lauryn Hill cover)
Dan Mangan will deliver his first full-length effort alongside his officially billed backing band Blacksmith on January 13 (via Arts & Crafts) with Club Meds.
But before we get a set of new songs from the Vancouver singer, Mangan is revisiting a 1998 classic with a cover of Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor."
"I've always loved this song," he said in a statement via NME. "I couldn't think of having heard any covers of Lauryn Hill. Maybe it's because she's too amazing and I'm a fool and nobody really should cover Lauryn Hill, but this chorus has been in and out of my head since the '90s. It says so much with just a handful of words."
You can check out Dan Mangan + Blacksmith's upcoming tour dates over here. Listen to their take on "Ex-Factor" below.