Clip from Kanye West's Unreleased "Robocop" Video Leaks Online

Clip from Kanye West's Unreleased 'Robocop' Video Leaks Online
Last year, Kanye West lashed out when his unfinished video for "Black Skinhead" leaked online. Now, Yeezy is likely to be similarly enraged, since a clip of his unreleased video for "Robocop" has made its way online.

This cut from 2008's 808s & Heartbreak was due to have a music video directed by Hype Williams and feature Kanye's then-girlfriend Amber Rose. The project was eventually scrapped, but CG artist Shihan Barbee (who worked on the video) shared a small clip through Instagram this week.

In the stop-motion snippet, we see a tuxedo-clad Yeezy standing in a brightly colourful room while Rose, dressed up like a plastic toy, dances robotically around him. Barbee posted it along with the comment, "Wish he had released this video. Super dope."

Barbee also included hashtags like #donttellnobody, #morerarethantheyeezys, #yeezytaughtme and #dontaskmeforthevideo. We're not sure if he had Kanye's blessing to post the clip, but if he didn't, he might want to include the hashtag #kanyepleasedontbemad.

Watch it below, along with a previously released making-of clip about the video.

Meanwhile, Kanye is still working on a new album, which is expected out this year.