Chevelle Wonder What's Next

It's a family affair fir Chevelle. The Chicago-based Chevelle made some noise with their 1999 release, Point #1, which led to tons of touring, including a spot in Ozzfest. The three Loeffler brothers (Sam, Pete and Joe) now return with their major label debut, Wonder What's Next, and Chevelle is using the advantages of family familiarity and copious amounts of time in each other's company to their benefit on the disc, as the comfortable and knowledgeable feeling on the Wonder What's Next can only be achieved through the bloodlines. Although not all of the compositions are strong, most are nicely pieced together with good, consistent beats and ethereal backing vocals. Examples of this are "Comfortable Liar," a song whose personality is rooted in its just out of reach drum sound (which seems to be a signature of the disc's producer, GGGarth Richardson), and the solitude of the echoey acoustic track "One Lonely Visitor." Comparisons to Undertow-era Tool are unavoidable, but Chevelle should transcend the negative repercussions of such a compliment with Wonder What's Next. (Sony)