Casket Lottery Smoke and Mirrors

Even a passing interest in the late ’90s/early ’00s emo/punk scene would cause the name the Casket Lottery to ring some bells. Apparently this four-song EP might be the band’s last offering, and it seems as good a note as any to go out on. It’s easy to hear the band’s similarities to other more popular artists like Jimmy Eat World or Sunny Day Real Estate — bands capable of slow, haunting melodies that drive themselves into your subconscious. The Casket Lottery set themselves apart with their angular, staccato guitars and driving rhythms, which keep the proceedings a little more high-energy than some of their peers. Throughout Smoke and Mirrors there is an apparent theme of disillusionment that pervades the four songs, perhaps best exemplified on "On The Air.” Hopefully this EP will inspire people to delve into this band’s back catalogue and discover more of the greatness this group have to offer. (Second Nature)