Cannibal Ox "Iron Rose" (ft. DOOM)

Cannibal Ox 'Iron Rose' (ft. DOOM)
Cannibal Ox won't be unsheathing their Blade of the Ronin for another month or so, but the reunited rap duo cut deep with an early sneak peak called "Iron Rose." You can hear the thorny boomer, featuring a guest appearance from metal-faced supervillain DOOM now.

The track, which you'll find below, has Vast Aire detailing an iron family wherein the children are munching iron candy and the women are sporting iron panties. Keeping with the theme, he also shouts out their old "Iron Galaxy" single and NWOBHM greats Iron Maiden. Vordul Mega delivers bars about dark days above the nerves-shattering swirl of organs and beats, while DOOM morphs into a golden Gollum on his choicely worded finale.

The rest of Blade of the Ronin swings our way March 3 via IGC Records/iHipHop Distribution.